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Bestselling author of the 'This' Series, Skipping Stones, and coming soon Saving Alex.  Radio talk show host of The Light on Survival Radio Christian Network.  Mondays 8:30 PM EST. 347.237.4648 
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Teaser

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The storm is easing up.  These pop up summer thunderstorms can be scary.  I know God isn’t an angry God. But sometimes I feel like storms are his way of just screaming at us.  They are much like us.  Our tears are the rain, our cries are the thunder, and the lightening is the sword stabbing us right where it hurts the most, setting us on fire.  Nothing good comes from lightening other than the magical facade of it.  It’s intriguing.  It’s draws us in like a magnet.  It excites us, yet scares us.  It’s dangerous, yet entertaining.  It’s all the things he was for me.


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