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Sunday, December 2, 2012

500 Fan Snippet from Mending

It was nice to see he was still having an effect on her. He wondered if she had any clue what kind of effect she was having on him?

She suddenly looked worried.

“What’s wrong, Gabby?”

She fidgeted and then glanced up to him. “I…” She paused. “Nothing.”

“No, tell me.” He pleaded.

“I need to know why you never did the whole relationship thing? Why such the playboy?” She whispered.

He shrugged and dropped his head and then looked back up to her. “Well, my dad always taught me to enjoy the ladies. My parents have a bit of a dysfunctional relationship, Gabby. I just have never wanted that.”

“And I just magically changed your mind about this?”

He ran his hands through his hair, “Yes. Most girls are quick to give themselves to me. You are different. You forced me to take a serious look at my lifestyle and the women I associate with.”

“I just find it hard to believe you could change so quickly.”

“I can’t explain it, Gabby. You’re going to just have to trust me. I never thought I would be this guy.” He shrugged his shoulders again, “But, here I am.”

The waitress brought the milkshake and placed it in front of Bradley and there were already two straws in it. How intuitive of her, he thought. He was thankful for the interruption, too. He desperately wanted to change the mood and the topic of conversation.

He pushed it to the center and gave her a daring look. Holding the straw to his mouth, his lips parted and he sucked his first sip, closing his eyes savoring the flavor. “Mmm,” he groaned.

“Chocolate and caramel are a weakness for me as it is.” Gabby squirmed. “Add you moaning over there while drinking it and that’s a lethal combination.” She giggled.

He didn’t move his head from the milkshake, but glanced up at her. His eyes were on fire with desire and his lips formed a smile around the straw, “Lethal, huh?”

“Yeah, it just solidified what I had been pondering for the last couple of days.”

He looked confused. Given what they had just discussed that could most definitely be a bad thing. His brows furrowed, “What’s that?”

She glanced down nervously and when she looked back up to him he could see the desire in her eyes. Her voice was low, seductive, and husky when she replied, “The very death of this stupid friendship idea. I can’t fight this anymore.”

Bradley almost choked on the milkshake. “Damn, don’t say things like that to me while I’m eating or drinking” He chuckled when he saw her look down embarrassed. “Or you’ll be the death of me. Gabby.”

She giggled, “Now, that would be tragic.”

“You have no idea. Want to get this food to go?”

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  1. I love it, can't wait for the book, I really want to read now, lol,


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